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WST is a relatively new organization backed by many years of experience and commitment to serving industrial and commercial water and wastewater treatment markets.  The primary activity of Water Specialists Technologies is formulating, manufacturing and blending of chemicals for the following applications:

mercury remval and reduction

  • Process wastewater treatment.
  • Degreasing and cleaning.
  • Groundwater treatment.
  • Stabilizing metals in sludges, soils, fly & bottom ash, foundry slag, mine tailings, sediment, and other solids.
  • Boiler and cooling tower water treatment.   

   WST also provides private labeling of existing chemicals and blending of chemicals to client specifications.  Selected worldwide distributors provide field support to users of WST products.

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Published Articles with
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  - A Safe Replacement for DTC
Organic Polymer Precipitation
Alternate Chemistry ~
Generating Less F- 006 Sludge
Wastewater Treatment Review
Low Level Mercury Removal

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Article: Low level mercury

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